New Sidekicker alert! Johanna joins up

She likes live music, hiking, graphic novels, kale, ice cream, badges and manta rays. Luckily, she also likes our exciting new project 'League of Meals'. This is Johanna, another new addition to the team. We're delighted to welcome her aboard.

"I'm excited to join Sidekick as a product manager, focusing my efforts on League of Meals. It's a great opportunity for me to combine my background in user experience, design and research with my passion for lean startup and applying these skills to things that really matter.

Prior to Sidekick, I was a senior UX consultant at EMC Consulting. But I've also gained experience in-house at large corporates, at an independent UX consultancy and in R&D. I've worked on web and social media projects for large retailers, a concept for a service helping outpatient care nurses and more, but people seem to get most excited when I tell them that I got to design something for NASA…! I'm passionate about building better things through collaboration, and dedicate some of my spare time to mentoring and creating opportunities for people to 'learn by doing'. In my teens I organised parties, now I organise events like DesignJam for geeks. Looking back, it all makes sense."