Magical master of everything (and our studio manager)

Liz is our new studio manager. She is also known as 'magical master of everything'.  

At the heart of Sidekick studio life, Liz keeps a tight reign on all our practical and organisational needs. She's the perfect glue to keep the studio ticking over smoothly. Liz has worked for a startup before, so she's familiar with the pace and chaos, and brings a steady hand and experience to the table. We're describing her as a cross between Ghandi (wise and caring) and Judge Judy (stern and not to be messed with).

Here are her thoughts on joining Sidekick...

"So here I am at Sidekick, essentially enabling the incredibly creative and talented folk here to do what they do best without having to concern themselves with the practical stuff like how the dishwasher works, where pens come from and ensuring they have a supply of caffeine to help keep the creative juices flowing. 

Though I used to work for a start up, I come from a commercial background so it feels  brilliant to be working with a company that actually tries to make the world a better place rather than just make money. 

When I'm not topping up the sweet shop, I love travelling, seeing new places and meeting new people. Had an extraordinary year last year, which culminated in a 2 week stint in an ashram in Tamil Nadu, India. Would recommend this to anyone who's feeling a bit jaded with life, just helps sometimes to re-boot and re-focus the mind on what's important. Ommmmmm shanti..."