Bridging the gap between beauty and utility - Mark Mitchell joins our tech team

Mark Mitchell is the newest member of our tech team, but will work closely with our designers too - as he crafts beautiful, responsive web interfaces that are as lovely to use as they are to gaze upon. We thought Mark's skills and outlook were just right to bridge our development and design teams. It's great to be working with him. 

I asked Mark to explain a little bit about his story so far, his thoughts on joining Sidekick and what a man without nations does to stay sane in London...

"I join Sidekick as a UI Designer / Developer, a bridge of sorts between design and technology. It's incredibly exciting to be part of this clever, talented and multi-disciplinary team.

Originally studied Graphic Design, practicing print for a number of years before drifting into web; blending a passion for design with an interest in making things. Prior to Sidekick I worked at Headshift as a Senior Designer and Developer, crafting design and user experience in web projects through to development. Assuming a similar approach, I intend to focus less on client services and more on designing and building amazing products that help people solve problems that matter. Design that is socially responsible -- design that facilitates positive social impact -- is a long-standing, personal ideal which I am eager to pursue at Sidekick.

I love coffee, the closeness of music, pubs, wandering the open spaces of art galleries, travel and the unfading allure of new experience and learning."

(ps - Mark has lots of interesting things to say - you can read more of them on his blog, withoutnations.)