League of Meals: weeknotes #2

In last week's notes, I explained the activities that led to our first cooking club. Nikki has turned the materials into a lovely video: 

League of Meals: first cooking session! from sidekick studios on Vimeo.

We have also re-launched the LeagueofMeals.org website, including a brand refresh and more information. 


Our next steps

We have great cooks on board. Now we have to put more effort into engaging people who would like to learn from our cooks and try the food. 
When we were validating the initial concept, we tried different ways to get the word out, including setting up a Facebook page, Twitter account, telling our friends, and engaging with projects and initiatives we can learn from. The best thing we did was attending events with chefs who care about food waste, food-related startups, and food bloggers. Networking allows you to meet people face-to-face, which leads to mentions, recommendations and advice. 

Testing any of our business model ideas requires that we can reach enough people who can tell us if they are interested or not. To get there, we have been reflecting on our outreach strategy, and how we could create more buzz. If you don't have someone with subject-matter expertise and connections to the right audience on your team, you need to work ten times as hard. 

After the cooking club, we held a workshop with some of our cooks, and they brought lots of ideas for audience engagement to the table. Cooking classes, catering, personal chefs - and the suggestion of putting on a dinner.

League of Meals Supper Club

So, we are organising the next cooking session as a supper club, that allows people to meet our cooks, try their food, and get excited. Our cooks will put on a dinner with multiple courses, using surplus food. We are planning the event for Friday, March 23 - stay tuned for more information and tickets!