The Amazings get Rich

Rich Brown has just joined The Amazings fold as Commercial Director - the money man. He describes his task as growing our fledgling venture in to "good old global domination" and this is how he feels about doing it: 

"Without getting too teary eyed, coming about Sidekick and The Amazings is a bit of dream role - which I'll be throwing my full slender frame into. The product's a fantastic one, a real "Why hasn't this been done before?" sort, and it's something I really care about. Both with my fascination with doing new things and getting the very most out of the place you live (I'm also the co-founder of - and also that I genuinely think older people have some fantastic stories to tell and skills to share and it's criminal that all of a sudden their outlets for these skills get turned off when they retire. I love the setup at Sidekick, with everyone focused on the best in design-thinking to get startups off the ground, doing good and making money. It's a great place to be, with a big and exciting challenge ahead."

Before joining Sidekick, Rich has worked with some of London's leading creative agencies - toiling blood, sweat and tears in to work like the Virgin Atlantic 25th birthday ad (the one with girls walking through the airport in the 80's) during his time at RKCR/Y&R. Most recently, he worked at Anomaly as the Sony account manager and once upon a time he could be found studying Ergonomics at Loughborough University... where he specialised in design to help elderly people get and stay active. The Amazings was meant to be.